A sports day is the perfect way to introduce various games and physical activities to young learners. Sports also teaches children teamwork, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination and develops fine and gross motor skills, along with confidence. 

While it is ok to have winners for specific games and challenges, the overall purpose of a sports day should be to encourage cooperation, teamwork, and motor skills development. Therefore, each child should receive a participation certificate at the conclusion of the day.

As a teacher, it is essential you make each child feel confident and that they were able to contribute to the sports day positively. The certificate should also include the child’s name and the date of the event. 

A sports day certificate not only makes the child feel good about themselves, but it is a lovely keepsake parents can keep in their child’s baby book or memory box.

Download our sports day certificate template and make it yours by adding your logo, choosing the paper type and printing it for your students.

English Template

Arabic Template