Komal Bajaj

It’s a hot summer this year and with the kids off from school, they seem to be spending more time indoors. Keeping them entertained all the time can be tiring and it is easy to run out of ideas. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we have you covered.

 Water Transfer Activity

Work on motor skills with this fun water transfer activity. No special materials are required. Grab any buckets, bowls, or bins you have along with some water, scooping tools, and sponges, and you’re all set. The name of the game is moving water from one container to another using various tools like sponges, shovels, scoops, cups, etc.

Tie Dye Fun

An easy and fun activity, this can be done with new white t-shirts or even some you older stained one you have at home. Sourcing the colors is simple, just go to your closest toy or stationary store and buy child friendly paint, squirt bottles and gloves. You could order them online, Amazon has several tie dye kits which include gloves and squirt bottles.  

Lego Ice Excavation

Take some of your lego pieces and freeze them individually in water. Once frozen you can give them to your child and to melt. Make sure you do give them ideas of how to melt them; place it under water, sprinkle salt, place them in bowls under the sun. It is a fun science experience.

Bake muffins and cakes

Every child loves eating cakes and muffins and nothing is more easier than getting children involved with baking treats. I would suggest sourcing each ingredient and baking it from scratch. But if you want to take the easier route there are plenty of ready recipes or boxed varieties available in your local grocery store. Whichever way you choose, you definitely have your child’s attention from this one.


Freeze colored water in ice cube trays and then let the kids paint with their slowly melting water colors. This could get messy so ensure they are in the kitchen or you lay out a mat or plastic sheet, so it is easier to clean up afterwards.

Sponge print funs

All you need are some bowls, paint, white sheets of paper and old or new dish cleaning sponge. Add different color paint in each bowl,  cut up pieces of the sponge for each bowl and let the kids paint on the white sheets of paper.